Services for Local Government

Services for Environmental Protection and Contaminated Land

BGS can play an important role in helping you to meet your legislative requirements under Part IIa contaminated land regulations. We have developed a software tool called ConSept for site identification, and prioritisation, using a methodology based on source, pathway and receptor linkages.

BGS and the Public Health England (PHE) have jointly created the national Radon Dataset, which can be licensed from BGS, we have an associated GeoReport and for individual, site specific enquiries the UK radon website should be consulted.

Our Flooding Datasets are of great value for planning and environmental protection follow the link for further information on the data and its uses.

Hazard Assessment

We have a range of datasets available for you to consult to assess Geo-hazards in your region. We have a national licensable dataset called BGS GeoSure which gives a hazard level for six causes of natural ground instability including Shrink swell and Landslide. We also have a wealth of other data and a team of experts who work in this discipline, click here to find out more about how they can help you.

3D Modelling

We have worked with several local authorities to characterise development areas in 3D models which allows for much greater understanding of the sub-surface for construction or understanding the groundwater process to give just two examples.

Services for Planning

We work with local and county councils to assist with their resource and development planning.

Geological assessment is an important consideration in any planning process, to investigate ground conditions, consider flood potential and natural drainage and to consider natural hazards such as landslip potential. BGS has a wealth of information from the digital maps mentioned above to borehole logs to expert advice from your regional geologist who will have great personal knowledge and experience of your local geology and its behaviour. Contact enquiries for more information on how we can help you.

We also have lots of specific information for minerals planning on our hosted website MineralsUK and our mineral resource maps can be viewed online and can also be licensed for inclusion in your own GIS planning system.