Services for government and agencies

Information, advice and consultancy for planning and resource management.

Union Jack Libraryphotos.comBGS Government Advisory Panel (GAP)
BGS undertakes a range of national good activities on behalf of Government.
Agencies and statutory bodies
Information and expertise to non governmental agencies to assist in meeting statutory requirements and increase the geoscientific aspects of their programmes.
Central and regional government
Advice and consultancy for strategic planning at national and regional level on geoscience and environmental issues.
Energy policy, resources, human health, strategic environmental assessment and sustainable development.
Local government
Advice on environmental health, planning, resource management (including minerals), leisure services, strategic planning and sustainable development. Tailored to help you meet statutory and strategic responsibilities.
International governments
BGS operates across the world. We offer a range of services, providing support and capacity building to overseas geological surveys and government agencies. BGS specialises in surveying baseline geological datasets and integrating these data into complete national surveys.

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