GeoScholar is a set of free geological data - available in GIS format - for UK universities and the higher education sector, to support teaching and learning within the geosciences.

The dataset includes

  • digital geological map data from BGS
  • aerial photos from Infoterra
  • NEXTmap digital terrain model from Intermap Technologies
  • borehole data and their corresponding logs
  • several BGS geological map sheets

Each Geoscholar teaching package will include 12 different geographical regions, including Assynt, Coniston and South West Wales.

GeoScholar is available under free licence to academic institutions. Please note that only academic institutions can apply for a licence – GeoScholar data and licenses are not available to individual students.

The data is in ESRI ArcGIS format. Users must have an ESRI licence for ArcGIS 9.2 or higher to view the project files, although the data can be loaded individually in previous versions of ArcGIS or ArcView 3.X.

Additional GeoScholar modules

A Geohazard module is now available for the Bristol area. The module includes the following 1:50 000 GIS datasets from BGS:

  • BGS GeoSure ground stability data
  • BGS geological indicators of flooding data
  • BGS mining hazard (not including coal)

How do I get GeoScholar?

For a copy of the licence agreement or for further details e-mail