Frequently asked questions

How do I use the GeoIndex application?

For detailed help, click on the Help button in the GeoIndex application.

How much of a given dataset can I see?

Only the location of the data and a few other relevant pieces of information are shown. It is not intended that users should see the actual data because in many cases this can only be done under licence.

How much do datasets cost to license?

In most cases, costings will be provided on receipt of the enquiry form. However, some datasets have information about prices built into their help pages.

Why are the datasets displayed in different map themes?

Datasets are grouped, so that those pertaining to the same discipline are shown together. This also prevents the creation of a long legend incorporating unwanted datasets.

Why don't all the datasets within a map theme show at the same time?

This is because some datasets are so detailed that they would take too long to open if they were shown with any scale of map. Dataset names in the legend are therefore shown in red if the current scale is not appropriate. To see these, you must zoom into the map, until the dataset becomes accessible.

What coordinate systems are used to display the data?

Onshore UK map themes use British National grid (metres) and the Offshore UK map theme uses WGS84 UTM Zone 31.

How often is the information on the maps updated?

It is updated at the beginning of each month.

Can I 'bookmark' a map view for later use?

You can not bookmark a map view, or make a favourite for later use, as these are temporary pages.

Why are some datasets shown in more than one map theme?

A few datasets e.g. airborne magnetic data, cover both land and sea areas and so need to appear in both map themes.

How can I enquire further about certain datasets I'm interested in?

An enquiry form is made available within GeoIndex. The enquiry form is aimed at people who wish to find out more information before ordering datasets. Within the enquiry form, you can specify an area of interest by typing in the coordinates displayed in the status bar of your browser window in the bottom left of the interface.

If you wish your enquiry to be linked to previous enquiries or orders then use the client reference number you created for the previous enquiry or order.

Why can I not order directly from any datasets that are displayed?

The price of data for many datasets is difficult to determine on-line and requires information entered on the enquiry form to help establish a price.

How can I get help information about datasets, such as descriptions and costs?

If you click the name of a dataset in the table of contents, help information relevant to that dataset will be displayed. In some cases, details of costings may be included, but with many datasets further enquiry is needed to ascertain this.