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Earthwise is the digital publication channel for the British Geological Survey.

The aims of Earthwise are to disseminate the outputs of BGS research and to promote free exchange of information by the wider geological community. Earthwise will enhance, and eventually replace, some of our core products such as our memoirs and sheet descriptions.

The core articles presented here are written by BGS authors and cannot be edited by non-BGS users. However, we welcome your comments and encourage you to contribute your own articles.

Earthwise, although using MediaWiki software, is not intended to be an encyclopedia, or 'geoWikipedia', but a means of stimulating the exchange of geoscience information. The wider geoscientific community will have the opportunity to comment and contribute articles, but not to edit existing articles anonymously. Earthwise articles will be reviewed before publication and their authors, with their affiliations, will be clearly identified.

In developing Earthwise our aims are to

  • develop stronger semantic and spatial links between publications, maps, models and data
  • respond flexibly to the diverse demands of our stakeholders, new cultural trends and new technologies in the world of publishing
  • encourage greater community feedback and contributions to BGS publications
  • allow easy publication of detailed, rich web content
  • provide a platform for collaborative projects
  • provide a free service for sharing information.

We hope that Earthwise will grow rapidly in response to the interests and needs of everyone interested in geology.

Professor John Ludden, BGS Executive Director adds

"I absolutely believe that a wiki-type presentation of BGS science is the way to go. Major projects such as TellusSW and the National geological model will greatly benefit from this approach."