The BGS's data resellers

Companies and other commercial organisations with an interest in reselling BGS data or developing value-added products and services based on BGS data can apply to become a data reselling partner (DRP). This business arrangement allows organisations with the appropriate expertise and business knowledge to meet user requirements in niche markets, especially those that the BGS does not intend to address directly. It expands the use of BGS data into new markets by broadening and deepening the user base. It also provides the opportunity for the reuse of public-sector information for commercial purposes.

BGS data supplied to a DRP may only be used for the development, marketing and supply of the products or services defined in the specific data reseller agreement. Any other use of the BGS's datasets is catered for under usual licensing arrangements.

Access to BGS data for product or service evaluation purposes, prior to becoming a DRP, is possible under an Data Exploration Licence. These agreements permit testing and evaluation of samples of BGS data by the signatory on an internal basis only. BGS datasets being considered by the signatory for incorporation in commercial products or services will then be made available under a data reseller agreement.

BGS data reseller partners


For parties interested in applying to become a DRP, the BGS contacts are: