Non-coal mining plans

Levant Mine, St. Just, Cornwall. P200269

The aim of this website is to make information available about underground mining records. It draws together a range of mine plans from a variety of sources including the Health and Safety Executive mine abandonment plans, published mine plans and plans of mine workings. This site is not a comprehensive catalogue, but represents the information currently available in our database for non-coal mine plans. For details of coal workings contact The Coal Authority. Collection of non-coal mine plans is ongoing and updates are carried out intermittently. Search our database to find out where records are held. A limited number of the plans have been spatially located and can be identified via a spatial or map-based search, which opens in a new window.

The mining plans portal was established in 2002 as a result of a partnership between a group of public bodies including the Health and Safety Executive, The Coal Authority (TCA), British Geological Survey (BGS), The National Archives, the Mineral Valuer (part of The Valuation Office) and the Camborne School of Mines, who agreed to work together to create a national database of non-coal mine plans. The consortium agreed the following:

  • There should be a digital register (index or catalogue) of all known non-coal underground mine plans, sections and entrances, which should be made publicly available.
  • It was neither practical nor desirable to physically transfer all non-coal underground mine plans and sections to one location, thus where plans are held locally they should remain so.
  • The digital register should hold information on both formal abandonment plans and any other non-coal underground mine plans and sections.

Whilst this partnership no longer exists, BGS and TCA have continued to work together to make information about the extent of historic underground mining of non-coal minerals in Britain more accessible.

The website includes plans for Great Britain and, where available, the Isle of Man. The Geological Survey of Northern Ireland holds a comprehensive collection of Northern Irish mine plans accessible via the GSNI GeoIndex.