Embed a UK geology or earthquakes map

Embed google and geology (EGG)

Create a custom geology or earthquakes map of the UK and embed it in your own website.

  1. navigate to an area of interest using the Google map below. Pan and zoom the map interface to create a simple map
  2. advanced users can customise the map:
    • change the size of the map
    • show surface geology or earthquakes
    • change the map from satellite images to road map
    • change the centre of the map
    • change the map zoom
  3. copy the embed code
  4. paste the embed code where you want it to appear on your web page

For geology maps: click on the map to show the bedrock or superficial geology description.

The geology map will automatically change from 1:625 000 scale to 1:50 000 scale when the map is zoomed in.

For earthquake maps: click on a red or yellow dot to show information about an earthquake.

Customise and embed your map

British Geological Survey

Embed code

Customise your map?

If you need to convert British National Grid to latitude/longitude, use our Coordinate Converter.

Map width (minimum 300px):
Map height (minimum 300px,
55px extra is added for copyright):
Geology map:
Google background:
Map centre latitude:
Map centre longitude:
Map zoom:


Contact the BGS Webmaster if you like using BGS EGG maps.