BGS geoscience vocabularies provide consistency in our classification systems by controlling the spelling and terms used in our data holdings. They are available for browsing and as web services or downloads for use within your systems. We like to promote the use of these classification systems but ask users to read our IPR terms of use when reproducing BGS materials.
Further information on BGS vocabularies.
Database icon Vocabularies — browse and download

Vocabularies —standardised terms covering a range of geoscience topics. Browse our vocabulary dictionaries and their terms.
Download the dictionaries as MS Excel files.

Database icon Vocabulary web service

BGS vocabularies as a RESTful web service.
Providing programmatic access to our dictionaries and their terms.

Online browsers for our popular vocabularies

The White CliffsLexicon of Named Rock Units

The Lexicon of Named Rock Units database provides BGS definitions of terms that appear on our maps and in our publications.

Semantic web logo Linked data

Linked data allows powerful and easy re-use of data by interconnecting data, putting it in to context and enabling comparisons.

Collection of rocksRock Classification Scheme

Unified scheme ensuring greater consistency in rock nomenclature

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