Anglesey (Ynys Môn): a landscape carved by ice

During the last ice age the island of Anglesey in north-west Wales lay beneath a thick ice sheet that flowed down the Irish Sea. After the ice melted away it left a distinctive 'footprint' on Anglesey in the form of gently rolling landforms and glacial sediments.

The interactive Anglesey i-Map shows the landforms and sediments, and provides summaries of how the main glacial features (striae, drumlins, meltwater channels) were formed.

The Anglesey i-Map is for school students, geography and Earth science teachers, undergraduates and academic researchers, as well as anyone interested in how the landscape around them evolved.

Interactive geological map

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The Anglesey i-Map allows the user to navigate, reconfigure and expand the content revealing additional information on the bedrock geology and landform assemblages.

You can also browse a gallery of annotated images of the glacial landforms and sediments for summaries of how the main glacial features were formed.

Anglesey iMap hotspot image

Anglesey iMap click to start in the English language Anglesey iMap click to start in the Welsh language

Launch in English or Welsh

Landform map

Screen shot showing the landforms map. Click to enlarge.

After the introduction you are taken to a detailed landforms map of Anglesey based on the 1:50 000 scale geology map of the area.

The map has a variety of tools that let you zoom in and navigate around the map, as well as a legend with tabs for each content theme that allows you to reconfigure the content display of the map in numerous ways.

Anglesey's geological past

Various screen shots from the content menu. Click to enlarge.

To the lower right of the map screen you can access the content menu which is divided into two parts:

  1. Intro: gives information on the glaciation of the island and its geological history
  2. Research: details of the scientific research carried out and the conclusions

Glacial photo gallery

Anglesey image gallery. Click to enlarge.

From the main menu found in the top left corner you can navigate to the glacial gallery section.

This is a gallery of annotated images showing the evidence left on the present day landscape by the ice stream as it moved over Anglesey.

These images are accessed from the linked picture flow list menu and map of their site locations.

How the application works

Three short movies that demonstrate the functionality and navigation are available, one covering each of the main sections.

Navigating around the application

Anglesey flow format. Click to download pdf.

On starting the application you are first taken to an introduction screen and from there into the main content starting at the landform map.

Navigating around the various sections is done from two collapsible side menus.

There is the main menu in the top left corner of the screen and the map content menu on the right hand side of the landforms map.

A flow diagram showing all the sections and the navigation controls is available in this pdf.

Accompanying publications

Anglesey i-Map also offers printer friendly A4 pdfs of some of the pages. You can change the language and set for eco printing (reduced ink requirement) by clicking on the icons at the foot of the pages.

Anglesey i-Map is also accompanied by a series of maps and posters available at A0 paper size (1189mm by 841mm) in landscape format. These are available both in an English or Welsh language version.

For more information visit the BGS Bookshop.

Anglesey: a landscape carved by ice. Click to enlarge.
Anglesey: glacial photo gallery. Click to enlarge.
Anglesey: analysis of a glacial landscape. Click to enlarge.