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A delineation of the strata of England and Wales with part of Scotland; exhibiting the collieries and mines, the marshes and fen lands originally overflowed by the sea, and the varieties of soil according to the variations in the substrata, illustrated by the most descriptive names [ca. 1:313 800], by W Smith. London: J Cary, 1815. Scale ca. 1 313 800.

[Geological view and sections], W Smith and R Thomas. London: John Cary, 1817–1819. Contents: geological section from London to Snowdon showing the varieties of the strata and the correct altitudes of the hills by; Vertical section of strata in Surry [sic] dipping northward; section of strata in Sussex dipping southward; Section of the strata through Hants and Wilts to Bath, on the road from Bath to Salisbury; geological view and section through Dorset and Somerset to Taunton on the road through Yeovil to Wimborn Minster etc.; geological view and section in Essex and Herts [and] geological view and section of the country between London and Cambridge; geological view and section of Norfolk [and] geological view and section through Suffolk to Ely; geological view of the mining district of Cornwall corresponding with the map from Chasewater to Camborne, shewing [sic] the elevations of the hills and the depths to which the mines are extended by R Thomas; geological sections in illustration of the mining district of Cornwall by R Thomas.

A memoir to the map and delineation of the strata of England and Wales, with part of Scotland, by William Smith. London: printed for John Cary, 1815.

A new geological map of England and Wales with the inland navigations: exhibiting the districts of coal and other sites of mineral tonnage [ca. 1:1 950 400], by W Smith, Engineer. London: J Cary, 1820.

Observations on the utility, form and management of water meadows and the draining and irrigating of peat bogs, with an account of Prisley Bog, and other extraordinary improvements, conducted for His Grace the Duke of Bedford, Thomas William Coke, Esq. M P and others, by William Smith. Norwich: R M Bacon, 1806.

[Smith's geological atlas of England and Wales], by W Smith, Mineral Surveyor. (1819–24). Geological maps of 21 English counties.

Strata identified by organized fossils: containing prints on colored paper of the most characteristic specimens in each stratum, by William Smith, mineral surveyor. London: Printed by W Arding, 1816-1819. Issued in only 4 pts: June 1, 1816; October 1, 1816; September 1, 1817; and 1819. Only part issued June 1, 1816 in stock at Keyworth.

Stratigraphical system of organized fossils: with reference to the specimens of the original geological collection in the British Museum: explaining their state of preservation and their use in identifying the British strata, by William Smith. London: Printed for E Williams, 1817.

Report (addressed to the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Woods, Forests, Land Revenue, Works, and Buildings) as the result of an inquiry, undertaken under the authority of the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury with reference to the selection of stone for building the new Houses of Parliament, Charles Barry, H T De la Beche, William Smith and Charles H Smith. Commissioners of Her Majesty's Woods, Forests, Land Revenues, Works, and Buildings; Great Britain. Treasury. London: 1839.

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