Colour-in geology map of the UK and Ireland

Colour-in geology map of the UK and Ireland

Are you puzzled by the Periods or do you have errors by your Eras?

Did you know that two or more Periods comprise a geological Era? Two or more Eras form an Eon?

Download our free colour-in geology map of the UK and Ireland to help you learn about the Eras of the Phanerozoic Eon and the Late Proterozoic Eon.

You can also use this geological map to help you learn when the sedimentary rocks of the UK and Ireland were formed.

Turn over the map to show how the eras are made up of Periods. The Periods are the basic unit of geological time and are separated by a major geological event such as a mass extinction.

The map colours we suggest are colours used in the BGS Timechart, but you can use whatever colours you prefer.

More about geological time

You could also print off page 1 of our Phanerozoic timechart to help you understand more about the major divisions of geological time or browse the BGS Timechart online.

Phanerozoic timechart

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