St. Paul's cathedral

An artist's impression of St. Paul's Cathedral
  1. St Paul's Choir School: this is clad in Portland Roach Limestone crammed with Jurassic fossils: Trigonia (a bivalve), Protocerithium (turreted snail), and calcareous algae (cauliflower shapes).
  2. Dundas memorial: Carrara Marble.
  3. Central marble floor star: this shows radiating inlays of red Griotte Marble from Belgium with black Italian Marble.
  4. Large font, a single block of Carrara Marble with grey veins.
  5. Florence Nightingale memorial (crypt), in pink Chellaston alabaster.
  6. Wellington memorial: white Carrara and black Belgian Marble.
  7. The Queen Anne statue is of Carrara Marble from Italy.

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