Limestone landscapes

Durdle Door, Dorset

Limestone landscapes is a set of web pages providing information about the geography and geology of upland and lowland limestone regions of England. The pages cover topics including:

  • how limestones are formed
  • erosion and chemical weathering of limestone areas
  • limestone caves, stalactites and stalagmites
  • quarrying and building with limestone

P662426What is limestone?

An introduction to limestone: its chemical composition, the processes and conditions of its formation and how it breaks down and decays.

P662426Limestone topography

Massive limestones form distinctive landscapes, such as limestone pavements, as a result of the chemical and physical breakdown of the rocks. Take a look at the topography of the Yorkshire Dales, specifically the area around Ingleborough, and explore the landforms resulting from the underlying limestone.

P662426Underground features

Limestone forms characteristic underground features, such as caves, as it weathers and erodes. The Gaping Gill cave system in Yorkshire is a good case study for such features.

P662426Resources, conflicts and sustainability

Limestone is an important industrial resource, but how do we continue to extract and use it while preserving the beautiful environment it creates?