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Classroom activity resource sheet downloads

Aimed at 11–18 year-olds (KS 3, 4 and 5), these activity sheet downloads include modelling and locating meteorite impacts, or marsquakes, which will help us understand more about the internal structure of the ‘red planet’.

The Mars InSight lander will deploy two seismometers that will send live data back to Earth. It offers our first chance to look at extraterrestrial quake data since the Apollo moon missions of the 1960s and 1970s. Data from InSight’s seismometers will be transmitted back to Earth and will be freely accessible online.

The mission is expected to last at least a year and should send back a continuous stream of data for scientists, and students, to analyse.

Curriculum links

The MarsQuake project covers a broad range of topics primarily within the physics
curriculum, including:

  • energy
  • distance/speed/time calculations
  • solar system
  • waves

But the investigations (and its variations) can be used to underpin the teaching within a number of different subjects, such as maths, geology and geography.

Classroom activity resource sheet downloads

Working with sensors

Make a Lego seismometer

You can make your own LEGO seismometer by following the instructions on our website or you can buy a Build your own seismometer kit from mindsetsonline.

The simple design converts vertical ground movements into small voltages. When combined with the mindsets digitiser and the free, educational, datalogging software jAmaseisthe system allows schools and home users to set up their own seismic monitoring station.

These simple seismic sensors are capabale of detecting P-waves arriving from distant earthquakes and have recorded earthquakes from such places as Chile, Japan and Indonesia.


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