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We live on a restless planet. We owe our continuing existence to the Sun and the Earth's dynamic system, in which the oceans, atmosphere and tectonic plates interact to provide the air we breathe, our sources of food, energy and raw materials.

However, the same system can also create hazards that threaten our lives and homes such as earthquakes and tsunami; volcanoes, landslides, flooding, and coastal erosion.

Earth processes are so powerful that humans cannot hope to control them. But, by understanding what causes these hazards and why they occur, we can do a great deal to reduce their harmful impacts and save lives.

What is an earthquake? and Why and where earthquakes occur?

Get involved with the UK school seismology project.

Why do landslides happen? Look at some of the landslides around the world and in the sea.

Learn how scientists monitor active volcanoes on the Caribbean island of Montserrat or where you can find the volcanoes of the world.