Public and schools' events

British Science Week | 6–15 March 2020

The BGS has celebrated British Science Week (formerly National Science and Engineering Week) since it began in 1994.

In 2020, the BGS will not be hosting any British Science Week events (at BGS, Keyworth) for schools and the public, while we review our public engagement activities. Our next open day, or Family Fun Day (at BGS, Keyworth) is likely to be in summer 2021; exact dates have yet to be confirmed. In March 2020, we are looking into participating in British Science Week events at Wollaton Hall's Science in the Park.

Schools' Fossil and Rock Show

In 2019, we held our 17th Fossil and Rock Show, which is aimed at primary schoolchildren.

The Fossil and Rock Show is aimed at primary schools teaching Key Stage 2 and is particularly suitable for years 5 and 6.

Check out the galleries below that show some highlights from previous schools and Fossil and Rock Show events.

Fossil & Rock Roadshow photo gallery

Open Days at BGS Edinburgh

2017 Edinburgh 'Open Day'

NERC Into the Blue showcase event, 2017.

Staff at BGS Edinburgh will be involved with a NERC showcase event from 17–21 November 2017. This will include schools' days on Friday 17 November and Monday 21 November. The public event will run over the weekend. Further details will be published closer to the date of the event.

2016 Edinburgh Open Day

Power of our planet.

On Saturday 22 October 2016, staff at BGS Edinburgh hosted a showcase event at Dynamic Earth.

The event called Power of our planet brought together a host of interactive displays and activities.

Visitors learned about how volcanoes erupt, why earthquakes can be so devastating, the causes and impacts of tsunamis and the fascinating power of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Open archive days

From time to time BGS has held open days to support the National Archives 'Archive Awareness' and 'Explore Your Archives' campaigns.

We last held an open archive day for the public at Keyworth on Saturday 1 December 2012. This event was in support of the national Archive Awareness Campaign 2012. The national theme for AAC was ‘Sports, Games and the Olympics’, where we explored the links between fun, leisure, sporting achievement and the earth sciences.

Read more about the 2012 event.



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