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Exploration drilling at the Curraghinalt gold deposit in Country Tyrone, Northern Ireland, © P McDonnell
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Download the UK Exploration Guide

Download the UK Exploration Guide

This publication summarises previous mining and exploration activities and describes known occurrences in Britain.

Gold–bearing quartz vein in the Dalradian Supergroup at the Cononish gold, BGS©NERC

Mineral Reconnaisance Programme (MRP reports)

The Mineral Reconnaissance Programme (MRP) provided geological, geochemical, geophysical, mineralogical and metallogenic information on prospective areas in Britain.

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Britain is well–endowed with mineral resources for its size and mining of non–ferrous metals was an important industry for centuries. In south–west England, the granites were principally mined for tin and copper. Base metal deposits have been extensively worked in many area of Britain including the Pennine Hills of central and northern England, central Wales and the Southern Uplands of Scotland. In the past 50 years exploration has focused principally on gold and base metals, chiefly in Scotland and Northern Ireland.