Coal resources for new technologies

Coal resources for new technologies coverage

Scale 1:1 000 000
Coverage UK
Format GIS polygon data (ESRI, MapInfo)
Price Free for commercial, research and public use under the Open Government Licence.
Please acknowledge the material.

This legacy dataset contains a series of maps showing the potential of the UK onshore coal resources for both exploitation by conventional (mining) and new technologies. The data available here is a facsmilie of the maps that were originally published in 2004.

The mining technologies shown in the maps include:

  • underground and opencast mining
  • coal mine methane (CMM)
  • abandoned mine methane (AMM)

The new technologies shown in the map include:

  • underground coal gasification (UCG)
  • virgin coalbed methane (VCBM)
  • coal seam-related carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration

These maps are result of the 'Study of the UK coal resource for new exploitation technologies' project. This report summarises the results.



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Hutton field: well correlation diagram.