BGS GeoSure: Insurance Product

BGS GeoSure: Insurance Product sample. BGS © NERC. Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown Copyright and database rights 2011. BGS OS licence no. 1000221290/2011.

BGS GeoSure: Insurance Product coverage

Scale 1:50 000
Coverage Great Britain
Format Database tables and GIS polygon data (ESRI, MapInfo, others available by request)
Price On application
Downloads Sample data and user guides available on request

The BGS GeoSure: Insurance Product gives an index level assessment of the potential for a geological deposit to create financial insurance loss due to natural ground movement.

It incorporates the combined effects of the six BGS GeoSure hazards on (low-rise) buildings and links these to a postcode database — the Derived Postcode Database.

This database contains a normalised hazard rating for each of the six BGS GeoSure themes hazards (i.e. each BGS GeoSure theme has been balanced against each other), and a combined unified hazard rating for each postcode in Great Britain.

A series of GIS (Geographical Information System) maps show the most significant hazard areas. The ground movement, or subsidence, hazards included are landslides, shrink-swell clays, soluble rocks, running sands, compressible and collapsible deposits.


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Hutton field: well correlation diagram.