BGS GeoSure

The BGS GeoSure datasets identify areas of potential hazard and, therefore, potential natural ground movement, in Great Britain. These data have been produced by BGS geologists and geotechnical specialists and are presented as six GIS data layers relating to the cause of the geohazard.

BGS Geology dataset BGS GeoSure dataset
1:50 000 high-resolution dataset, providing information about six natural ground subsidence hazards in Great Britain.
BGS GeoSure Shrink Swell 3D London BGS GeoSure shrink–swell 3D London
1:50 000 regional hazard susceptibility map that identifies areas of potential shrink–swell hazard, in three-dimensional space, at intervals down to 20 m in the London and Thames Valley area.
BGS GeoSure debris flow BGS GeoSure debris flow
1:50 000 national hazard susceptibility map, identifying areas of potential debris flow hazard for Great Britain.
BGS GeoSure 5km hex grid BGS GeoSure 5 km hex grid
GIS model of interlocking hexagon cells (side length 5 km) summarising information about six natural ground-subsidence hazards in Great Britain.
BGS GeoSure shrink-swell subsurface BGS GeoSure shrink-swell subsurface
1:625,000 data providing an indication of the presence of shrink swell prone clays beneath other deposits down to a depth of c. 10 metres.


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Hutton field: well correlation diagram.