BGS Civils: engineered fill

BGS Civils: engineered fill sample.
BGS Civils: engineered fill coverage.
Excavated material can often be used for other purposes.
Scale 1:50 000
Coverage Great Britain
Format GIS line and polygon data. (ESRI, MapInfo, others available by request.)

Product 1: BGS Civils bundle (all 8 layers)

£0.50 per km2

Product 2: BGS Civils individual layers

£0.30 per km2

Product 3: BGS Civils web viewer (subscription service)

£500 per layer for the first layer. £100 for each additional layers.

Or, £1000 for all 8 layers.

BGS Civils comprises 8 layers: bulking volume, corrosivity (ferrous), discontinuities, engineered fill, excavatability, strength, sulfate/sulfide, foundation conditions.

All products are subject to number of users, licence fee and data preparation fee.


This theme provides information on the suitability of a geological material to be used as engineered fill.

The spatial model covers England, Scotland and Wales at 1:50 000 scale using data from the following BGS datasets:

The use of engineering fill is an important consideration in the civil engineering and extractive industries. The rapidly increasing cost of removing material off-site, and especially disposal of unused material, means that a great deal of effort is now taken to identify if and how these materials can be used on-site.

What is engineered fill?

'Fill' is a material that is used to fill in a depression or hole in the ground, or create mounds or otherwise artificially change the elevation of the ground. These may include earthworks such as infill, raising or levelling ground, embankments, foundation pads, road bases and landscaping. Fill may be engineered or non-engineered.

Engineered fill is selected, placed and compacted to an appropriate specification in order that it will exhibit the required engineering behaviour.

Non-engineered fill usually involves the disposal of waste materials. Normally such fill would occur on sites where uncontrolled filling has taken place and therefore no reliance can be placed on the type of fill material and method of placement.


The classification for the engineered fill theme primarily follows the Highways Agency classification but is also informed by expert judgement and methods previously used by the BGS. The description of the classification can be found in the free downloadable user guide.


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