BRITPITS coverage.

BRITPITS regions. Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right [2014]

Scale N/A
Coverage Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands
Format GIS point data/Database tables

Full dataset: £50 per region (15 regions in total). Subject to number of users, licence fee and data preparation fee.

Active, Inactive and Dormant data: £150 for complete GB coverage only. Subject to number of users, licence fee and data preparation fee.

Index data: This is a free dataset available as a WMS layer /geoindex/wms.htm, or via the onshore GeoIndex on our website /geoindex/


The BritPits (an abbreviation of British Pits, and the word 'pits' is used here to include both surface and underground mineral workings) database holds information on:

  • names of mines, quarries, oil wells, gas wells, ash and desulphogypsum plants
  • geographic location
  • address
  • operator
  • mineral planning authority
  • geology
  • mineral commodities produced
  • end-uses where known

For statistical and other uses, details of major mineral handling sites, such as wharfs and rail depots are also held in the database.

Details are available for the sites of both currently active and closed mineral workings.

BGS is engaged in surveying the country for former mineral sites due to their importance for planning purposes and as potential sources of currently scarce resources such as building stone, in addition to hazard checking.

The database, and its associated GIS, will provide a valuable tool for monitoring not only resource depletion, but also the extent that mineral sites have been restored to beneficial aftercare.

Three different versions of BRITPITS are available:

Full dataset

  • Includes all entries in the BRITPITS database including historic sites. Over 230,000 total entries.
  • The data is split into 17 regions (see map) but for licencing purposes is supplied as 15 regions (Isle of Man is supplied with Northern Ireland, Channel Islands are supplied with South West England).
  • Data supplied as Excel file and/or GIS point layer

Active, Inactive and Dormant data

  • Includes only the active, inactive and Dormant mines/quarries. Approx 3,300+ entries
  • Dataset licensed as complete GB coverage
  • Data supplied as Excel file and/or GIS point layer

Index data


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Hutton field: well correlation diagram.