UK and World Mineral Statistics Datasets

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The British Geological Survey has one of the largest databases in the world on the production and trade of minerals. Information is compiled from a wide range of sources: home and overseas government departments, national statistical offices, specialist commodity authorities, company reports, and a network of contacts throughout the world. The database compilers aim for integrity and accuracy and, for quality control of data, participate in international specialist groups, and maintain close links with other mineral statistics providers in Europe and North America.

The data is published each year in three annual publications World Mineral Production, European Mineral Statistics and the United Kingdom Minerals Yearbook. World Mineral Production contains production statistics, by country, for the majority of economically important mineral commodities, including ferrous and non–ferrous metals, industrial minerals and hydrocarbons. European Mineral Statistics is dedicated to statistical information about minerals and metals in Europe. Production, export and import tables are presented for all EU members and EU candidate countries, plus Norway and Switzerland, both by country and by commodity. The United Kingdom Minerals Yearbook provides comprehensive statistical data on minerals production, consumption and trade in the UK, and includes commentary on the UK's minerals industry.


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