Cross-cutting projects

In response to the BGS Strategy (2009–2014) we are addressing complex environmental challenges such as carbon capture and storage, climate change impacts, environmental protection, natural hazards, radioactive waste management and resource security and sustainability.

In the future, science that 'makes a difference' is likely to be delivered by multidisciplinary and international collaborations, underpinned by dynamic and fully attributed 3D process models that consider whole earth system science as well as demographic and socio-economic inputs.

Understanding processes and making predictions

Four major interdisciplinary projects that will take forward the survey, measurement and monitoring of crucial geoscience parameters and integrate these data in geological and environmental models to help understand processes and make predictions; designed to encourage and facilitate cross-discipline collaboration between BGS research teams and the wider environmental community, decision makers and stakeholders.

This holistic approach to research, knowledge exchange and modelling will allow complex challenges such as climate change and natural resources to be addressed in a more informed manner and enable more sustainable development for the future.

Cross-cutting projects

DREAM interface DREAM: Data and Research for Environmental Applications and Models

DREAM is developing an environmental modelling platform designed to gain a more complete understanding of the environment and the processes that occur within it, with the aim of supporting predictions and decision making.

London lithoframe model FutureThames

FutureThames is bringing together wide ranging research and knowledge together with fully attributed 3D geological models to enable more informed decision making and sustainable planning within the Thames basin.

CUSP logo CUSP: The Clyde Urban Super Project

Supporting regeneration and other key development issues in the Glasgow area by using shallow-earth 3D models in partnership with Glasgow City Council, and others, aiming to make geoscience information more accessible and relevant.

Permo Triassic rocks Permo-Triassic Reservoirs and Storage (PTReS)

Characterising and understanding the 3D distribution of pore space, permeability in strategic formations for hydrocarbons, aquifers, gas storage and carbon capture and sequestration.