Our research

Our research includes core geological survey and monitoring work and other innovative projects addressing today's geoscientific challenges driven by the changing needs of our stakeholders. Read a selection of Current activities.

Our strategy

Instrumenting the Earth

Instrumenting the Earth

The new way that we propose to do our science... real time monitoring, 'big data'

Environmental hazards

Being resilient to environmental hazards

Being resilient to environmental hazards with the earth hazards, engineering geology, environmental modelling and groundwater teams.

Environmental change

Managing environmental change

Managing environmental change with the BGS global, engineering geology, environmental modelling and groundwater teams.

Natural resources

Using our natural resources responsibly

Using our natural resources responsibly with the energy, geology and regional geophysics, groundwater, marine and minerals & waste teams.

Other research activities


Students on a fieldtrip

The BGS University Funding Initiative; encouraging and funding PhD science.

Citizen science

man notebook continents binary code computer from Pixabay

Help us learn more about our environment by posting your geological observations.

Cross-cutting projects

3D model of the Thames

Collaborative interdisciplinary projects underpinned with 3D models.

Current activities

Marine research

A selection of research activities from international and UK projects.


GSNI Tellus

Impact stemming from BGS research has already enhanced quality of life, created jobs, protected the environment and benefited the economy.


INSPIRE and UK Location logos

BGS Informatics manages our wealth of geoscience data, information and other materials and is responsible for making our data widely available.

Geohazard notes

Hallsands, Devon

The BGS has prepared a number of 'geohazard notes' to provide relevant summary information for some of the geohazards that could affect the UK.

Long-Term Science, Multi-Centre

New long term projects

NERC's research centres are working closely together to tackle major scientific and societal challenges.

Natural Hazards Partnership

The ash cloud produced by the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, Iceland, caused widespread chaos to European air travel during April 2010.

Bringing together expertise across the UK's public sector agencies to provide advice in preparation, response and review of natural hazards.

Science briefing papers


The science briefing papers allow BGS scientists to reflect and communicate their science in a succinct way to other experts, policymakers and the public.



Metrics and compilations of research outputs in year

University collaborations

Field trip

The BGS facilitate collaborations with universities across the UK through joint ventures and appointments.