Marine geoscience

The BGS marine team, made up of geoscientists, operation experts and skilled engineers, have been undertaking an integrated program of research since 1966 — see marine operations and engineering history.

Today their work takes them from the lochs and shores of the UK to the depths of the Arctic Ocean.

The study of marine environments, both locally and globally, enables us to better understand many of the big challenges facing our planet today, including climate change, coastal erosion and renewable energy.

It also allows us to maximise development of our marine resources including oil, gas, marine aggregates, aquaculture, fishing, plus helps conserve our rich biodiversity and marine archaeological inheritance.

Areas of research and operations

MaremapMarine & geological mapping

Developing detailed sea bed geology maps based on multibeam and sidescan data.

Marine researchMarine geohazards

Research into tsunamis, submarine landslides, fluid escape features and the distribution of gas hydrates

BoatMarine operations

Geophysical surveys, sea-bed sampling, coring & drilling operations; from equipment hire to a full operations team & vessel.

OffshorerigOcean research drilling

Drilling and coring seabed samples from ships and platforms, inc. ECORD/ IODP co-ordination.

Records Marine data access

We maintain a wealth of data, information and other materials gathered throughout the history of the organisation. Read more about our marine data management including our partnerships with MEDIN, NHDA and SEA.

DORIS Dorset Integrated Seabed Study (DORIS)

This web service brings you a new seamless onshore–offshore digital geological map for part of one of the most famous coastlines in the world – the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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