The geology England team works to characterise the geology of England with particular focus on understanding the processes, structure and variations in the shallow subsurface. We target strategically important areas and formations including coalfields, significant aquifers and sites of major infrastructure. Our current research priorities include ice margin processes, dynamic basin modelling and human/landscape interaction.

We work responsively to provide 2D and 3D geological data, knowledge and advice to the research community, the private sector, government and regulators, which ultimately enables effective decision making across a range of sectors. This improves natural resource management, reduces engineering project risk, and supports environmental safeguarding.

Selected research

Chalk group of southern EnglandA new physical property model for the Chalk Group of southern England

The Chalk forms the UK's most important aquifer, underlying densely populated parts of south east England.

Contact: Mark Woods.


Chief Geologist England: Jon Ford.