UK Geology

Who are we?

Drilling a borehole log in the Isle of Wight.Brick Pit, Leicestershire © L Hughes Chesil beach from the Isle of Portland P005807 Dartmoor granite tor P029384 Glaciated valley Wasswater, Lake District © L Hughes Gritstone edge at Stannage © L Hughes Stair hole cove, West Lulworth P005800

We provide information, expertise and advice about all aspects of British geology.

We carry out multidisciplinary research, both collaborative and commissioned work, in areas such as geothermal energy, quarrying and shallow mining, waste management, transport and water service tunnels, groundwater abstractions, resource gas storage, radioactive waste disposal, hydrocarbons, and carbon capture and storage.

Our impartial, multidisciplinary survey and research work informs important stakeholders such as the groundwater industry, environmental organisations, the minerals industry, land use planners, academia, and the public.

We produce geological reports, maps and lithostratigraphical framework guides, mathematical models, 3D geological models and fence diagrams, and groundwater models. Outputs from our research and data holdings also underpin products such as GeoSure, OpenGeoscience and iGeology.

Why are we important?

An image of the subsurface illustrating how diversely it is used by humans.

We are here to:

  • raise awareness of the importance and relevance of what is under the ground
  • complete surveys, modelling and research to understand what is under the ground
  • be the first point of contact for delivering that understanding
  • help people make use of that understanding in the UK and overseas

Geology and regional geophysics teams

London Thames England

A wide variety of geoscience projects and research across the whole of England to help us further understand our environment and plan for future change.

Giant's causewayNorthern Ireland

Environment and hazards, energy and minerals, information delivery, geology and landscape...

Glasgow bridgeScotland

We provide high quality geoscience solutions in 2D and 3D for Scotland's many environmental and social challenges.


We contribute to the advancement of high quality geoscience, linking research to today's environmental and social challenges.

GB3D logoNational Geological Model

An accurate, multi-scalar, geospatial model of the subsurface arrangement of the rocks and sediments of the UK.

NI regional geologyRegional geology

BGS have produced overviews of the regional geology for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Jon FordChief Geologist England: Jon Ford.
Helen FallasChief Geologist Scotland: Helen Fallas.
Alan HoldenChief Geologist Wales: Alan Holden.
Mark CooperGeology and landscape Northern Ireland: Mark Cooper.