NERC earth science facilities

NERC provides world-leading scientific facilities, research ships, aircraft, analytical facilities, satellite data processing, supercomputers and specialist equipment. Browse the full list of NERC facilities.

The following earth science facilities are managed by BGS.

Isotope geoscience facilities National Environmental Isotope Facility

This group of facilities provides collaborative support for a broad range of stable and radiogenic isotope methodologies applied to the Earth Sciences, with particular emphasis on geochronology and environmental studies.

Ion Microprobe Facility Ion Microprobe Facility

The Ion Microprobe Facility (IMF) provides microanalysis of a wide range of earth materials, including geochronology using U-(Th)-Pb dating of zircon and other U- and Th-bearing minerals, and the analysis of a wide range of stable isotope ratios, trace elements and light elements.

Space Geodesy Facility Space Geodesy Facility

The Space Geodesy Facility at Herstmonceux supports geodetic and geophysical research through satellite tracking and related data products.

Geophysical Equipment Facility Geophysical Equipment Facility

The Geophysical Equipment Facility (GEF) loans equipment suitable for land-based geophysical research to universities and other institutes engaged in research within the NERC remit. It also provides advice and training for project researchers.

British Isles continuous GNSS Facility British Isles continuous GNSS Facility

The British Isles continuous GNSS Facility (BIGF) can provide information for georeferencing of airborne imagery, long-term regional vertical ground movement, gravity waves, atmospheric water vapour studies, tidal elevation, wildlife tracking, numerical weather prediction, precise heighting, ionospheric studies and kinematic data processing.


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