Work experience

Due to the current situation with Covid-19 we are unable to run the work experience programme for the rest of this year. Next year is likely to be a new approach to the programme and the website will be updated towards the end of the year when we know more.

The BGS offers students the chance to work with our scientists and support staff to provide them with experience in the workplace. We offer a limited number of placements at our Keyworth, Edinburgh and Wallingford sites over the course of a year.

Who can apply?

Unpaid work experience opportunities are only offered to young people under the age of 18 as part of their school's work experience programme. Placements are for 1 week.

Application Process

To undertake your work experience at one of our sites (Keyworth, Edinburgh, and Wallingford) please download and complete the application form:(Keyworth, Edinburgh, and Wallingford application form)

Application Dates and Deadlines

Keyworth, Edinburgh, and Wallingford:

Keyworth offer placements between April and September depending on staff availability.

The BGS headquarters is based in Keyworth near Nottingham. Our research themes range from earth hazards, energy, engineering geology, geoanalytics and modelling, geology and regional geophysics, groundwater, marine geoscience, minerals and waste. Placements are also available in the NERC Isotope Geosciences Laboratories. Students may spend the week in the same department working on a specific project or may be rotated around several departments giving an overview of the varied work undertaken at the Survey. Deadline for April–June applications: 1 February 2020. Deadline for July–Sept applications: 1 May 2020.

Please note Edinburgh are not able to offer placements at this time.

The BGS in the Lyell Centre in Edinburgh carries out a wide range of work, including studying our geological landscape and its glacial history, the geology of the seabed, petroleum geoscience and carbon capture and storage, and earthquake seismology and volcanology. We also look after a large amount of digital and analogue geoscience data, including teaching collections. The George Bruce building houses state of the art engineering facilities to support our marine surveying operations, including our own inshore research vessel and seabed rock drills. Work experience at the Lyell Centre can be very varied, with students rotating around a number of these work areas or concentrating on one particular area, depending both on their preference and availability of scientists. We enable students to get hands on experience, of both digital science and engineering work, and to design a scientific poster to take away as a record of their work experience.

Wallingford are generally able to offer a placement in October - suspended for 2020.

BGS research in Wallingford focusses on groundwater and its importance in the UK and in developing countries, in particular, how it flows in the rocks beneath our feet, its role in water supply, its natural quality and the impacts of pollution, how it helps to sustain our natural habitats and its response to climate extremes and climate change. Deadline for applications: suspended.


For more information about work experience opportunities at our Keyworth, Edinburgh and Wallingford sites please contact Lindsey Tindall or call 0115 936 3100